7 thoughts on “Sloppy move, Redbird”

    • As a Padres fan, I hope you guys lose today. You’re winning 1-0 during rain delay. Yeah, I said it, rain delay in San Diego.

        • Our game with the Rockies got postponed, gonna be played September 10th. Watch that link I supplied in The Weekend Open Mic. At about 27:25 The Chicken talks about the St Louis Cardinals asking him to come perform there.

          • Cool! I liked it when the host said he didn’t remember a when the Cardinals were having problems.

    • Everybody screws up every now and then. But as a Cardinal fan it feels good to have the best record in baseball 58 Wins vs. 34 losses (after an 18 inning loss today). Glad you’re able to get some enjoyment from my team… since yours hasn’t given you much to cheer about. 🙂

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