Georgia on my mind

A group of Georgians met up with DJ on Tuesday evening just outside of Atlanta, as he was on his return trip from visiting his mom in Florida. 

Georgia Group

From left to right: DJ, Richard, Ariane, Gary and the infamous Infidel.  A nice looking group of good folks, but I gotta say the one at the back left is by far the best looking of the bunch.  Click image to enlarge.

I think it’s pretty cool that people like this all got together and became friends all because of a little website called Bits and Pieces.  It makes my little heart proud to know that people from all over the world of different nationalities, races and faiths have come to know one another, support one another, laugh and cry with one another and become good friends, perhaps life-long friends through our little neighborhood.


8 thoughts on “Georgia on my mind”

  1. Everyone looks so great! Very true Jonco, I personally have gotten more love and support from some people that I’ve met through your site than in my own back yard. Some I still need to meet in person yet but we’ve been friends and have known each other for years. Mr. Jonco, I love your neighbourhood!!! (sorry, it is the canUcklehead in me) Much Love to everyone in this picture!

  2. Anybody coming out this way for Comic-Con? I guess you’d already be here. I’ve got some peanut butter stout beer waiting for you.

  3. Speaking for Ariane and myself it was indeed a pleasure to see these guys again. It may be a year or more between our seeing each other but it seems like we can always pick right up where we left off the time before.
    Others from B&P that I have had the pleasure of meeting, I would love to see again, not the least of which is our host, the illustrious Jonco, his very nice and unforgettable family and of course Gus and Trixie.
    I would certainly someday like to meet in person those that I consider friends and have not met yet.
    Lastly, I’m thankful that I was on hand to help infidel carry his keychain to and from his car…

    • Aww, that’s where we met I believe…Lawrenceville. Maybe next time, we’ll have Jonco make a little announcement of a date & time.

      • Yeah, perhaps the big guy himself will be able to make it, and Scott, and Anthony, and Mark, and Bella, and Matt, and Bitsy, and Deborah, and others I haven’t even met yet. Woohoo, we’ve got another BABBQ in the works…

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