6 thoughts on “McDonald’s first “self-serve” being tested now”

  1. At least fast food workers actually, you know, work for a living. You could replace most CEO’s with a magic 8-ball and it would do a better job. Do you really think they deserve $15,000/hour?

    • Does it matter if we think they are worth $15,000/hour–or whatever they are paid? Their company does.

      If you are over about 25 years old and still making minimum wage, either you made a really bad career choice or you are on the path to move up to a really well-paying job (for instance, you are flipping burgers for minimum wage on your way to being the manager or owner).

      Entry-level jobs were not meant to be careers.

      • Entry-level jobs were not meant to be “careers”, they should not be an end goal, but they should pay enough to be able to simply live on, theoretically that is. Minimum wage was created to keep America’s workers out of poverty, however it has since strayed from a livable wage as the cost of living keeps increasing. I don’t necessarily have an opinion on if we should raise minimum wage because I know there are consequences with everything but minimum wage was meant to be livable off of.

  2. This may be true, but a stinky little gross Big Mac is still going to cost nearly $5. And dump people are still going to pay that much for it even though it’s made by a machine!

  3. McDonalds is losing market share hand over fist anyway. If they go this route, they’re totally screwed. Good riddance. And I agree with Father Dougal completely about worker pay/CEO pay.

  4. I refuse to use self-serve tills at a grocery store/home depot/wherever so I’m not about to go to McDonald’s and use one. I would rather wait in line and know that I am saving at least one person’s job.

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