Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Bruce Jenner

Friday firesmithFor those of us who were kids when Bruce Jenner was tearing up the Olympic Decathlon, those were some truly heady days. I was fifteen when all of this was going on. Our nation’s 200th birthday, the Bicentennial, had been a Summer long celebration. It was fun. It was exciting. And it was glorious.

Bruce Jenner Sets World Record in Decathlon

Ah, but 1976 was so very, very, long ago.

Since that time Bruce Jenner had done a few television shows, been a sportscaster, married thrice, had kids, and pretty much lived the life that all ex-legends lead but this story has taken on a whole new twist; Jenner has revealed that he identifies as a woman.

This revelation, in and of itself is mind blowing, especially for those of us who sat at the edge of our seats watching the One True Man taking on the rest of the world and claiming victory. But the whole thing is tainted by the lens of Uber Surrealness because of Jenner’s second wife, Kris, who gave birth to the whole “Kardashian” Nightmare that has plagued our culture for years now.

Kims assHad Jenner never married into the Kardashians you have to wonder how this would have all turned out. Seriously, the phrase, “Attention Whore” has never been applied so aptly when tattooed on the Kardashians who have become rich and famous for doing absolutely nothing at all and producing far less.

Oh, and most famous in all of this is Kim Kardashian’s Ass.   Right arrow

There were rumors and there were more rumors but no one believed them. Then suddenly, Bruce Jenner began openly speaking of the idea that he, the World’s Most Manly Man, wanted to be, and was, a woman.

It was a stunt, surely, a Kardashian Thing, one more freaky thing in a freak show that had no end, right? It was going to be part of the parade, one of those things that the Kardashians did, and everyone would stand and stare, and then flip the channel to see who got voted off the island on Dancing with the American Idle. Just another…whatever. Right?

But then there was the interview with Diane Sawyer. Jenner looked real. Jenner looked human. Jenner looked like a person who was about to open up his soul and bleed. The past was difficult, sometimes agonizing, yet Bruce Jenner hid who he was because of his family, because of his kids, and because of those people like myself, who looked at Bruce Jenner as a hero.

CaitlynWatch the interview. Don’t tell me this is playacting as part of that circus Jenner married into until you’ve watched the interview.

And then there was this, as you well know.   Right arrow

This is Caitlyn Jenner, the person Bruce tells us she always wanted to be. Yeah, oh yeah, there’s a ton of photoshop here but she still looks like the person in the Sawyer interview. It’s the interview, really, that allowed me to believe this photo. Not that it’s a real photo of a woman who is unaltered by a computer and certainly it isn’t a woman who hasn’t been altered by surgery, but if you look into a person’s soul, and you pay attention to what they are saying from the heart, you already see what was revealed in that interview and this photo isn’t, at the end of the day, relevant.

Who among us has no secret he or she hides, some part of their life they view as only their own, or something they wish they had the courage to reveal? Whatever you think of this, whatever you think of Jenner, you have to know this took an enormous amount of guts to do.

Caitlyn. Begins.
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33 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – The Sins of Bruce Jenner”

  1. A sensitively written piece. I don’t judge people or their life choices, each to their own and all that. Gender issues are very difficult for “normal” people to deal with so for someone with a high public profile it must be terrible? We have a former boxing promoter (Frank, now Kellie Maloney) here in the UK who has just gone through gender reassignment publicly and hearing her story of the transition helps one realize that this isn’t a fad or spur of the moment thing, it is a very difficult process.

  2. I can’t imagine the courage it took, yes courage. It’s hard enough for people to come out to their own families with things, but if you are in the public eye, I would imagine it’s a nightmare. I said courage, because I’ve see things on the internet putting her down saying she’s not brave but a freak, or comparing her bravery to another person’s, such as a soldier or a firefighter. Why can’t they all be considered brave?
    I’ve never understood why what another grown person does is any of anyone else’s business, if they aren’t hurting animals or little kids I say mind your own fucking business.

    • Chick,

      I think it takes a lot of guts for someone to be a school teacher. I think it’s brave for someone to survive cancer. I think that there are men in uniform who are heroes. I think it takes courage to be who you are when everyone thinks you are something else.

      Some people do not believe this. But I strongly doubt they have earned their own scars in battle.

  3. Plastic and chemicals are much more socially acceptable than parts of exhumed corpses.

  4. Heard a guy on the radio the other day, said this could bring up to $500 million for Caitlyn (still think he should have changer her name to Brucina). Here comes another round of reality TV shows. So glad I got rid of cable.

  5. Caitlin a hero? Hell no. Heros do it for others, not themselves. And the Arthur Ashe award? It should go to a real hero.

    • I’m not sure anyone has called Caitlyn a hero, Richard. Certainly, I did not.

      They once presented the Arthur Ashe award to Howard Cosell. After that…

      They also issued it to Pat Tillman. I certainly agree with that, but I would not think Jenner and Tillman have shown the same kind of bravery.

  6. I don’t care what Jenner did to himself (He was a him when he did it.), I just wish I didn’t have to hear anything more about it.

    • I can understand this. It’s old, hearing about it, especially when it doesn’t concern you or yours one bit.

      But the reason I’m not complaining about hearing about it is that her being so open will save lives. If at least one person who feels ashamed of the way he or she feels decides not to commit suicide because of Caitlyn, that is a positive.

      We can put up with the show for a while longer. It will fade out of the limelight. It always does. Change the channel, stay off FB for a bit.

      Is she a hero? No, I don’t think so. She is brave, though.

  7. Whatever makes Bruce/Caitlyn happy, well, I’m happy for him/her. Doesn’t affect my life at all.

    But consider this: Bruce could have EASILY hidden himself away during his transformation, used his wealth to hide his identity when the transformation was complete, and she could have gone on to live a life somewhere else as a woman named Caitlyn Smith. And MAYBE the press could have found her. But really, was Bruce such a superstar that he had paparazzi hanging around all day? If he slipped out quietly and became Caitlyn, would anybody really have noticed?

    By doing this publicly, sure, Caitlyn has supporters, but I’d say the detractor are far more vocal and venomous. So why do it publicly? Could this really help others? I think yes. We unfortunately live in a world in which transgender people have been murdered BECAUSE they were transgender. We have people who have been shunned, abused, and murdered because of sexual orientation or gender identity. Maybe having Mr. Manly Man Bruce Jenner become Caitlyn can change some attitudes. Maybe it can help somebody to feel that they’re not alone in their feelings of being uncomfortable living in their own body, and maybe it can help somebody to accept that not everybody has to do things the same old way. I don’t know.

    I guess time will tell.

    I’ve heard people called “hero” for lots of things. I’ve heard the label “hero” applied to basketball stars, pop idols, a guy who saved a cat from a tree, and to people who straight-up murdered another human being in cold blood (in a vigilante lynching in which the wrong man, an innocent man, it turned out, was murdered by a mob).

    We throw “hero” around whenever its convenient.

    I have no trouble letting people call Caitlyn a “hero” if that’s what she is to them.

    • Maybe having Mr. Manly Man Bruce Jenner become Caitlyn can change some attitudes.

      I think that’s my take on this, Crispy. If Bruce can do it then anyone can!

  8. Hi Mike. I was going to comment about how you probably do not watch tv and get your news like me and lots of other people these days, from internet sources, and I did see your reply earlier. I may remember you getting rid of television, not sure, but I wish I could let go. It’s kinda like a tradition of background reruns noise now, plus I love football.

    Oh yeah, Bruce/Caitlyn.
    Good for her, I’m all for personal happiness for everyone. I just don’t care about this, really. I’m not offended or anything, it’s just the tabloid reporting I dislike. There are just more important things that I wish to pay attention to with my limited time in the evenings. To me, I can’t understand who would obsess about such things.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that! ;]

  9. Well written Mike. Crispy, in my opinion you hit the nail on the head. Too much fame whoring in that family with very little talent except for Bruce. The whole Kris (Mother) reality show travesty began with her daughter’s sex tape. Bruce is currently being investigated for causing a death in a vehicular accident. Caitlyn chooses to step out of the flames into herself amid the disgusting self-exploitation of the Kardashian family. I’m happy for Caitlyn and I wish her well. I do believe she should have done this quietly and got to know herself first before stepping into the public to once more make money for doing something self-serving and whoring herself out. Oh, I also agree about Kim’s ass. LOL! The whole family disgusts me.

  10. Man! The lengths some people will go avoid taking responsibility!

    Judge: “Regarding the lawsuit against Bruce Jenner for the death of in the vehicle death of Feb 2015. Will the witness take the stand”.

    Defense Lawyer: “Can you please tell describe to the court who was driving the black SUV you saw hit Mrs. Howe’s car?”

    Witness: “Why yes. He was a white, older man. Fit. Looked about 60 or so. With thin dark hair.”

    Defense Lawyer: “And you claim that this man was Bruce Jenner?”

    Witness: “It looks like the photos of him that I’ve seen”

    Defense: “Do you see the accused here today?”

    Witness: “Why no. All I see is that lovely woman sitting next to you that I assumed was your wife.”

    Judge: “Case Dismissed!”


  11. Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner vs Bradley/Chelsea Manning. One is on the cover of Vanity Fair, one is rotting in prison for exposing some of our government’s overzealous activities.

      • Mike, they’re both transgender people. I just think that we should be discussing what Manning exposed at least as much as we’re discussing Jenner.

        • Crispy is right, Paul.

          Been there, done that.

          To recap what I thought needed to be said about Manning:

          What I do know to be true that the operational information released should be enough to have Bradley Manning put away for the rest of his life if not longer. I am not opposed to a firing squad. Before anyone knee jerks to any of this, let’s get a few things straight right now:
          1. Despite his claims to the contrary, Manning didn’t know what he had given away to a large extent. Therefore, any intention he gives for releasing the information is pretty much an excuse not a reason.
          2. If there were, and are, events or actions taking place in Afghanistan that Manning found questionable he could have very easily found very specific information about these events and then leaked them and nothing else.
          3. Manning never once released any information to anyone inside the military that backs up his claim that he was trying to expose what he felt was wrong. He went rogue and he went rogue hard, fast, and blindly.

  12. Well done, Mike. I can’t imagine what it’s like to know in your deepest self that you are not the gender you were born with. It must be incredibly difficult, especially in our society. It’s worse than coming out as gay, I imagine, and that’s hard enough. A friend of mine who was raised in a good Catholic family, attended Catholic schools, etc. fell in love for the first time in his life in college. The problem was, he fell in love with another man. He went through hell, and several suicide attempts, then alcoholism, all because he didn’t “choose” to be gay. He has finally accepted who he is, and is doing well, but it was a long process. He says for those who think sexual preference is a choice that no one chooses to be hated. I salute Caitlyn. By the way, I got rid of satellite/cable TV as well, and only recently paid $1.99 to watch an episode of the Kardashians. The only reason was because my granddaughter was in it. I suffered through 42 minutes of egotism run wild to see my granddaughter in the last minute.

  13. Jenner is old enough and wealthy enough to do whatever she thinks will make her happy and I really hope it does but there are many who regret their decisions. At least one has undergone reversal surgery. I had a relative who went through the gender reassignment surgery. She died a very unhappy, very poor, ugly old woman.
    Adults should be allowed to make their own decisions and to live with the consequences. My concern is that they are treating children (some as young as 4 years-old) who wanted to be a fireman yesterday, an astronaut the day before, and a girl today. Parents, psychologists, surgeons, etc. should let kids be kids until they are old enough to really understand exactly what is involved.

    • Barb,

      Unlike being a fireman or a writer or a snake charmer, there are some things in life we are and that’s it. when he was five years old I told a close friend of mine her son was gay and she stopped speaking to me for a short while. A little over a decade later she discovered that I was right. He’s not trans but he is gay. Some have no idea that there is a difference.

      Is there a chance that being too accepting for children’s life decisions might lead to poor judgement and terribly consequences?

      You bet’cha.

      But tell me how that would be so much worse than what’s going on right now.

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