What’s one thing you value most?

FIFTY PHOTOGRAPHERS FROM 20 countries around the world were asked to take a photograph of the one thing they value the most in the world.
Some of the objects are practical (a passport, for example), but almost all of the objects have a sentimental value – a beloved toy, a collection of poems by a grandparent, an engagement ring.

Here are a few examples:

My fathers gloves  My rubiks  My old mit


Thanks Janet

What’s one thing you value most?



7 thoughts on “What’s one thing you value most?”

  1. My truck. Some people will say something sappy like “my Kids” but I gotta be honest. Push-come-to-shove… I can always have another kid. But finding another 7.3 Diesel Excursion? Not gonna happen.


    • I’m with you, cowracer. My car does a way better job of being the kind of car I need/want than anything I could buy new, and it’s a 16 year old BMW M Coupe.

  2. Jeeez, I can’t answer this right now. I went into a personal flood from memories. I’ll try again later.

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