Zero to 300 ft.

Here’s another video I shot with the Phantom2 Vision+ drone.  I tried to pay more attention to altitude and do fewer fast turns.  I got up to 300 feet.  As I was descending, the battery was getting low so the aircraft did an automatic “Return To Home” function where it uses GPS to come in and land where it took off from.  First time for that.


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  1. Oh I see… the others are out front doing yard while you play with the drone. I’ve never been so proud of you! Can’t believe how steady the video is. Love the music.

    Someone just tuned me into this video of my town made using a drone. Time for you to get to work. Expect to see one of these of St Louis soon.

  2. Is the orchestra in little tiny seats aboard the drone? They’re good.
    What’s the battery like on this thing? Did you start with a full battery, and got about 5 minutes out of it? What’s the max flight time?
    What’s the maximum altitude?
    How far does the signal controlling the drone reach? Can you fly a 1/2 mile from where you’re standing? A mile? More?
    How do you know what you’re filming? Like how did you know you were looking at your house, or the horizon?
    Are there any nude sunbathers in the neighborhood?

    • * The orchestra plays when editing the video. It does not fly in the drone.
      * Battery is rated to last 25 minutes. I was using one about 3/4 full and shot about 11 minutes of video that I edited to what you see above. It will save enough battery so it can fly home without losing power.
      * The range is said to be about 1/2 mile but seems that people have been getting about 1,000 feet. Note: The FAA guidelines say you should not fly higher than 400 ft and must have it in your sight at all times. There are other restrictions too, including not flying it within 5 miles of an airport and not in any National Parks.
      * The camera signal is sent via WiFi to your smartphone which is mounted on the controller. You can tilt the camera and turn the drone to change the view and see it on your phone. (really cool)
      * I haven’t seen any nude sunbathers yet. It is just May and I’ve only flown it a few times. Also, it’s fairly noisy so you wouldn’t be sneaking up on anyone anyway.
      * Some more info can be found here:

  3. At least you know your roof is in good shape! That thing would be awesome for roof inspections!

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