6 thoughts on “The Muppets are back”

  1. Well, that will fail miserably. The essence of the old Muppet Show was its political incorrectness, of which this will almost certainly have none. If you were to show a few of the old episodes to the average soft-handed liberal millennial Obama voter, they’d probably faint. When they woke up, they’d start threatening you with a hunger strike and calling you a racist for showing them such a horrible thing. Generation Whine will tolerate none of that funny stuff!

    • If this new show is lacking, it might be because it is now owned by a corporation with conservative leanings, who incidentally are broadcasting their own show on their own network. They can overcome that by hiring comedy writers, who tend to be liberal, since most comedies are usually written by writers with a liberal bent.

  2. I made this as a retort to all those people posting the Aliens Guy meme. Feel free to use it.


  3. Loved the original show growing up. Even though it’s still muppets, this show will fail. Use a steadycam!! I hate watching a show when the cameraman is drunk. Even the average person shooting their own videos are more stable than this bobbing around junk.

    • I loved the Muppets growing up, too–gave me my love of word play (including puns).

      I do not like that camera action like “The Office” had either–that is why I did not watch that show and if the new Muppets have that, to, I will not watch.

      • It just has to be funny for me to watch it. I tried watching “The Office” but could not get into it. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “that camera action”.

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