6 thoughts on “Introducing Microsoft Edge: The New Windows 10 Browser”

  1. I’m gonna miss Internet Explorer. Not!

    I actually was able to run Windows 10 on my older computer, from a USB drive. Thinking of finally letting go of XP. I rarely use that one anymore anyway because I’m too afraid to connect it to the internet. It ran pretty good from a USB drive, should run fine from the primary hard drive.

    Definitely going to upgrade on this computer. I like that you can choose between the modern interface and the desktop/start menu. Cortana’s voice recognition works great, though it’s currently limited to searches. I’m looking forward to the day when I can open files and do tasks with voice.

    Of note: Windows 10 is free for any computer running 7 or 8. ANY computer.

    • It’s “free”. You have to have an always on connection, their version of the play store always on, and a number of other things. To see whether it’s something you want to try out, it’s good, but it’s very invasive…

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