3 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

  1. I know you people in the north of the Americas are quite isolated, but it still gives me that
    soupçon of surprise when I see your temperature reports.
    For today, Sunday the 26th of April, you are showing 61 degrees.
    I have all the windows shut and the air conditioner on full power if the temperature here
    goes anywhere near 30, but there you are, suffering through 61 degrees, probably baking biscuits on your counter tops.
    Thats death Valley temperatures !

    And not you publishers of Bits and Pieces exclusively, but all 275 million (update and
    confirmation required) of you still use that old fashioned imperial measurement.
    When I was a young fellow, still at school, I was taught all about inches, feets, yards, miles
    and even such as leagues, fathoms, knots, and chains, and then after I left school they
    switched to metric and, let me tell you, I resisted as much as I could, for as long as I could.
    But they made it law here (I live in New Zealand) on December 14th 1976 and even went
    as far as to fine shopkeepers that still used the old pounds, ounces and whatever else those
    things were called.
    Resistance was futile, and having caved, I, and many like me, jumped on board the metric
    wagon of common sense.
    So anything that comes out of your states of unitedness is measured in feet and inches and
    causes a brain blockage for us, the rest of the people in the world, as we have to, like a
    schoolteacher patiently trying to understand what a slow learner is saying, work out what you actually mean.
    Oh ! Sorry, I made a mistake…I should have said ‘…the rest of the people in the world except for
    Myanmar (what you still call Burma). There was a small country in west Africa, Liberia, that still
    used the old fashioned stuff, but they changed a couple of years ago, wanted to keep up with the rest of the world.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I really like the U.S.A.
    -[my (realistic) dream car when I was younger was a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air -born the same year as me-
    -and I had one from age 22 until I sold it to buy a house at 27 (my dream car after that was an
    -Alfa Romeo GT, took me until I was 54 to get one, having businesses and children got in the way]
    except for your stupid gun laws, and I am a firm supporter of Apple and Budweiser, but I really
    think at some point you will have to adapt to the metric system and so you might as well do it now.
    You have already accepted other French things, the word Chevrolet is French, you all pronounce the
    word herb as the French do -‘erb (although why you don’t pronounce hospital as ‘opsital is beyond
    me, herb and hospital are both French words) so it can’t be a great leap to accept another French invention.
    And after all, you were one of the first countries to go decimal, a system based on 10, just like the metric system.

    On your website it is written ‘To Share click’. No comma between the words share and click and
    using capitals for the words to and share.
    This gives the impression that the phrase says ‘to share dick’.
    This may be intentional and if so, I praise you, you have made my world a little bit funnier.

  2. I think we’re going to get a nice sunny week in a month or so? I have two green thumbs just itching to do something. Got tomatoe plants growing in my bathroom under the sky light and they are getting blossoms. LOL. Always pushing the envelope here. Next I’ll probably have squash and cukes growing in the bath tub. It’s a big bath tub though.

    I hope everyone is enjoying their spring or fall in Bitsy’s corner of the world. <3

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