Flying over the Mississippi

I took my drone down near my old house and flew it out over the river.  I’ve only flown it like three times and I’m still a little unsure when flying it.  When it was out over the river I got really nervous and thought about what would happen if it went down.  It would be gone for sure.  I just need to fly it more to get comfortable with it.


17 thoughts on “Flying over the Mississippi”

  1. Beautiful scenery over the mighty Miss’. I’d be scared to lose it too. I didn’t recognize your deck at first, from a different vantage point — I’m amazed at how long the steps are down to the dock. Have fun with your drone!

  2. Pretty daring with all those trees, but you did great! Gorgeous day. Looked like a little family cemetery or something where you were standing.
    Now I want a drone. And I wanna see the Mississippi again.

      • was going to say it flies like a Phantom.

        Keep telling my wife i NEED one she laughs and said show me the biz plan that pays for itself and i can get one. the joys of being married to a bookkeeper.

    • It’s supposed to be able to fly up to a half mile away under ideal conditions but the FAA’s new rules say that you must keep it within your view. There are some other restrictions too, like no flying within 5 miles of an airport and others. You can’t fly in a National Park either. Here’s some info on it: Phantom 2 Vision Plus

    • Flying is actually pretty easy. Once you get it up into the air, if you let go of the controls it will hover in place. I have a little trouble landing for some reason but it’s not been hurt yet. The main thing is to keep it way from obstacles like trees and power lines. Fly it where you can recover it if it does go down…. not over a large flowing river. DUH! At least until you get the hang of it.

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