B&P Link Dump

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Original ‘Herbie’ Volkswagen for sale

Theories about Malaysian Airlines flight MH370

Tiny dog is police department’s adorable mascot

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Trip Advisor’s Top 25 Destinations in the US

How to Remove a Tree Stump Painlessly

16 Dark Secrets About Flying

Irish pranksters sell leprechaun erotic fiction on Amazon

Quiz – How well do you know Elvis’ music?
    12 of 12 for me, but I did guess right on two of them

All About ‘The Beast’ –  The Presidential Limousine

Three things you should know about the new USB Type-C

Teens Steal What They Thought Was Cocaine, Turns Out To Be A Man’s Ashes

Entire Town Secretly Learned Sign Language To Surprise Their Deaf Neighbor


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  1. Trip advisor gets a fail for their top 25 destinations. Every one a major city, not a single national park or monument? Not one small town or ‘get away’ destination? Not one historical destination? Every major city is pretty much the same after the first four or five. I would not put one of them in my 25 places to visit in the USA.

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