Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Weather:  While we’re getting nothing like the Northeast is getting, I’m really getting tired of this crap.  It’s time for warmer weather.  There might be some warmer weather a couple weeks out, but I’m ready for it now.

Forecast feb 28

Another busy weekend:  I had to MC a trivia night Friday night. I have a memorial service to attend on Saturday.  Then a little shopping before the snow starts Saturday night.  I plan to stay in on Sunday and maybe work around the house.

That’s it from B&P Headquarters in St. Louis.  What’s going on in your world?


10 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic”

    • I’m sure you are. I have a friend that live up there in Harwich MA. I’m thinking he’s pretty tired of it too.

  1. Our weather is the same as yours, just a day later. If summer doesn’t get here soon, I may have to vacate Louisville

  2. While SoCal is warmer than the rest of the country, for a change we’re having cooler than average temps this weekend, plus a little more rain. The drought is still heavy on us, but the hills are nice and green for now.

  3. The rain hasn’t materialized yet, but even thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow. We rarely have thunderstorms here in SoCal, so it’s a rare treat for those of us who grew up in the Midwest and like thunderstorms.

  4. We ended up with about 7 inches of snow by Sunday morning. Tonight (Monday) we’re supposed to get freezing rain which will turn to rain early Tuesday morning and rain all day. Temp should hit 50. Then back to the deep freeze and snow and a wintry mix on Wednesday. Never a dull moment with the St. Louis weather.

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