Poll: What colors do you see in this dress?

This dress has taken the internet by storm in the last 24 hours.  The debate over what color it is has gone viral.  Some say it is white and gold and others say it is definitely blue and black.  Let’s find out what colors you see.

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Here’s the dress photo.

Dress color


20 thoughts on “Poll: What colors do you see in this dress?”

  1. Judging by the pictures, that is not the same dress. The picture has an olive and baby blue thing and the ad has a black and dark blue thing. Clearly there are issues with the camera and lighting.

    Also, this is the first I’ve seen of this so I guess I live under a rock…

  2. For those who see white and gold…

    Try squinting real hard at the image of the dress and you should see the dress in black and blue.

  3. For those who see it as white, does it look the same as the white background at the shoulder, hip, and thigh at the right side of the picture?

  4. um, who cares? um, who cares? (Since the original comment was too short and needed elaboration)

  5. I saw 3 different pictures of the dress and in one, the lighting made it look white and gold. In the second one, it looked baby blue and black and in the third one, it looked royal blue and black. It’s all about the lighting on the dress. And it should have been a lampshade and not a dress.

  6. Whoa! Did Jonco swap out images? I swear I saw the colors differently the last time. If he didn’t, then I find this, as Mr Spock would say, interesting.

  7. Apparently no one out there has seen what happens when a gold and white dress is exposed to blacklight. It will turn blue and black. Obviously this was a UV trick.

  8. I saw both the gold/white and blue/black within a few seconds of each other.

    Then I noticed that I could change the colours that I was seeing by changing the angle I viewed my monitor from.

    If you are looking at the photo on a laptop or tablet just tilt the display back and forth.
    That is all I need to do to switch the colours.

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