6 thoughts on “Unshoveling Snow”

  1. I think it’s time for Snow Wars to start! Sounds like Nate should be piling snow against neighbor’s door so when he opens it he gets a surprise. Or pour water over the locks of his car so he can’t open it in the morning. Oh! That won’t work anymore. Remote locks. I’ve been away from cold weather for a long time.

  2. He’s covering the path I shoveled the previous day. Been shoveling the same way for years, I guess some of the snow I shovel lands on his yard, hard to tell where the property line is there exactly. You can see him dig all the way to the grass in order to fill my path though. It changed because I had to call the township a month ago to get him to move his parked truck from the access road. Now I think he hates me lol. Actually I was the only neighbor here who got along with him till now.

    Yay I made Bits and Pieces 🙂

    • There always seems to be that one wacko in every neighbourhood. A friend of mine had an issue with his neighbour for over a decade and got pissed up one night and fertilized “A-hole” on his front lawn. I laughed every time I went over there. It stopped after that.

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