Diversity Among Winners at the Oscars

A lot of noise has been made about the lack of diversity among nominees for the Oscars this year. This video shows how many black, hispanic, and asian winners there have been throughout history, across four main categories — best actor/actress, supporting actor/actress, writing (original and adapted screenplays), and directing.

Diversity Among Winners at the Oscars from Bard Edlund on Vimeo.

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5 thoughts on “Diversity Among Winners at the Oscars”

  1. I guess it is time for some affirmative action. If it works for fire fighters and university admissions, it must be right for Hollywood.

    • After thinking about my post for a minute I have a different view. So much of Hollywood and the arts has to do with who you know and those connections. Those connections can be biased despite talent. This is not necessarily like the NBA or NFL where it is almost all talent and effort that get you to the top. It just makes me chuckle a bit that those who seem to be the most progressive about their stances appear to have a heavy bias.

  2. Interesting how civil rights “leaders” are teaching us that it’s now ok to identify and judge every event and every person through the lens of race. They’ve turned MLK’s dream around 180°…. Now, it’s not the content of their character….it’s the color of their skin.

    • Is the argument that there isn’t enough diversity in the nominees simply because of the color of their skin or is the argument that the nominees lack a proportionate ratio diversity as to how many of color appeared in movies in that specific year? I mean, why doesn’t any Madea movies get nominated, dammit!

      It should also be noted, that winners and nominees are two different equations.

      The video actually shows a larger lack of diversity in the Asian (Ben Kingsly?) and Hispanic categories.

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