Friday Firesmith – The New Pirates

Friday firesmithThe idea of state sponsored pirating has been around as long as one group of people could steal from another. The English got rich stealing gold pirated from the Spanish who were raping an entire continent. The people who had the gold and silver to begin with didn’t have the ways and means to protect themselves from cultures much more advanced than their own so they were enslaved and pretty much wiped out. This has gone on before in many places and many times in history.

Okay, now let’s drop back and look at a guy who has worked hard for twenty-five years in a factory and finally in his old age gets to retire. They throw him a party, the owner gives him a gold watch, the gold was likely looted many years before but that’s no longer relevant because it was so many years ago, and the man looks forward to having a few years where he isn’t clock driven to live. But wait, it’s September the first, 1939, the Nazis have invaded his country and the factory is destroyed. Five years later the war is over but the man is left without a job and without any sort of proof of existence but hunger.

Now, look at where we are today. There are no cannons, no bombs, no men swinging off ropes onto our ships, and most of us, at least here in America, aren’t living under the threat of death of violence unless you’re a young black man or a pit bull. Yet there seems to be a more subtle sort of piracy going on these days and I’m not sure at all if it isn’t as bad, or even in some cases worse. At least you can see an eye patched man with a cutlass coming at you. Today the pirates are sitting in your lap and they know you better than you know yourself.

Yesterday there was an ad on the side bar of a webpage that showed a red headed woman sitting with a dog in her lap. I wondered what the hell they were selling and it was an ad for funny tee shirts. I had bought one for a Christmas gift a couple of weeks ago and suddenly I realized that the dog and the woman were not coincidental. They knew I would be drawn to a redhead and a dog.

The people, the pirates, keep up with everything you look at online. They track how long you linger over one product or one photo or news story. They know which products you buy at what price. Don’t believe me? I’ve done it myself. I went onto eBay for a friend and bid against someone bidding for bird feathers she was selling. We did this until we had it down to a science; people would pay $2.10 a feather but very rarely would go over that. She started the bidding at that price. She got far fewer bids but all of the bids she got were as high as she was going to get.

It really is that easy. They know everything you do online. They know when you will be there and where you will be and how long you will stay, even before you wake up in the morning. And they know that too.

The New Pirates are after your money, sure, but they are also after you. You have become a commodity. You wants and needs, hopes and dreams, loves, hates, desires, and presents you buy for your mother, are all bought and sold by people who will never see you as a human being, actual and whole.

They are stealing our humanity and we are trading it to them like giving someone an island for a bunch of glass beads.

If you really want to mess with someone’s mind get behind their keyboard and Google “Sex toys” and shop online for about an hour for sex toys. Every ad they see for the next six months will have a sex toy in it.


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