3 thoughts on “Angry, not to mention stuck and bad driver”

  1. If you ever get stuck like that, don’t panic, don’t get angry. Clear the snow around the tires, put your floor mats down right in front of the tires that have the main power (fwd or rwd. If you’ve got 4wd, go for all 4 if you’ve got enough mats). Then, you can either stop and pick up the mats when you get to a dry place or just leave ’em and replace ’em. The mats will give the tires the traction they need to get off the ice if the ice is too bad. You can also make sure you’ve got snow tires, or if necessary, snow chains.

    • And spinning the tires like that just makes more ice.
      Seems like he was facing up a hill…backing downhill out of the snow might have helped.

  2. Gunning it like a psychopath is amateur shit. Pop it into low gear and ease out slowly. Four wheel drive isn’t magic.

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