13 thoughts on “Serial killers by country”

  1. This may have something to do with defining a serial killer. The top ten most dangerous cities in the world are vastly in central and south America. On some lists New Orleans and Detroit are included.

    • Or it may have to do with our treatment of the mentally ill, our love of guns, our love of violence, etc…

  2. Right Scurvy Duck, definition is the key.
    Also, it may reflect better police work here. If people just disappear, or victims of unsolved crimes, there’s no serial killer.

  3. Scurvy and Bruce, I think no matter how you parse the definition, we still have a hell of a lot more serial killers than the rest of the world.

    • Correction. It’s serial killers who have been caught.

      I bet there are many hundreds of serial killers in Mexico right now.


  4. If they are using statistics supplied by the local governments, then the data are likely useless for comparison. Example: There are countries, even today, who will officially report there are no homosexuals among their citizenry.

  5. One funny things about my country I’ve noticed when living overseas. We take everything to the extreme. We don’t understand moderation.

    For example, our fat people are friggin fat. And our hard bodies are ultra hard. We don’t have a lot of just regular, not fat, but not hyper fit either like you see in a lot of the rest of the world.

    Even our killers go overboard. Why stop at 1?

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