B&P Link Dump

The World Is Not Falling Apart
   Never mind the headlines. We’ve never lived in such peaceful times.

Why do we shorten Christmas as Xmas?

Green cat10 Dining Mistakes You Make That You Don’t Know About

DO NOT point your laser pointer at a police helicopter

Celebrities – Then and Now

3 things you shouldn’t buy generic

The mysterious case of the green cat  Right arrow

The Amazing Origins Of 15 Etiquette Rules

Facts that just may save your life one day

The 8 Most Intriguing Unsolved Crimes

Can You Define These 14 Baseball Slang Terms?
   I got 13 out of 14

7 signs you shouldn’t put that on Facebook

Whatever you do, don’t take a lawn chair into the shower  NSFW

Building demolition oops


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  1. I went to a very expensive private school for one year, and we were taught every conceivable rule of etiquette. The placement of the silverware is not at all what we were taught.

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