Black Friday Firesmith

Friday firesmithAs I write this I am wearing sweats and lying on my bed, listening to classical music. My three dogs are snoozing beside me and it is raining like hell outside. It’s two days before Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving will find me in a state of repose very much like the one I currently am enjoying. It’s been a very long year with many odd and strange things happening to me, but right now, I’m in bed, writing, safe and warm and dry.

Later today I am going to read “Guadalcanal: Starvation Island” by Eric Hammel, on my Kindle. One of the things I am most thankful for in life is there are men who went to a war like that and that I will never have to, as far as I can tell. The Pacific Theater in World War Two was one of the most inhumane and brutal clashes between two nations in the history of human warfare. I am really thankful I won’t have to live through something like that and I am grateful for those who did.

There are parts of the world where a man my age could not lie in peace with his dogs without some great worry about the violence and turmoil of the world intruding upon him and his family. Ever else that might be said about South Georgia, we are at peace with ourselves and that, too, is something to be thankful for.

At fifty-four I can say both my parents and both my siblings, are still alive. From my High School class, so many years ago, there are many who did not make it this far. With all the cliques and football stars and the oh so important music and cars and courtship drama from my earlier years, things that seemed to be more important than anything else, I find myself very happy to go to my sister’s house where we will all sit down together and have a meal in two days. I’m not sure how many more years I will be able to have this but I still have it right now, and that is enough.

Just short of two weeks ago, and just short of a week after my birthday, I ran a 5K race to help raise money for a local animal rescue group. The deal was that would run it in a tutu if five hundred dollars was raised for the group. They raised over  $775.00! My knee was acting up but I managed to take a very slow first place in my age division. I am grateful for the state of health that I am in. Many my age, and younger, can’t say this.

I have a home, my family, my dogs, my health, the luxury of taking time off to do what I want to do, which at this point is writing. Meanwhile, there are those desperately trying to buy their way into Christmas and into happiness, and I grieve for the loss of life this will cause and the destruction it creates.

I am ever so grateful that I am not out there, right now, shopping.

What are you grateful for?

Take Care,

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