4 thoughts on “Weird Hotel Guy”

  1. Been there.

    What do you mean… “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.” You’ve never seen my comment, and quit thinking about it. Pervert!

    Edit: Yeah… I’m definitely one of those that gets you guys scratching your heads.

  2. there was a small plantation of coconuts between my house and the road going up the canyon. People seemed to congregate there every day in numbers of 20 or 30. There was one enterprising young lady that brought a portable barbecue and sold cooked chicken feet, sliced pig liver and sugared banana strips. I had never seen one of these ‘cool aid stand’ businesses so busy.
    I was curious why there were people there well into the night and sometimes all night and I was tired of picking up their trash and wine bottles’
    You guessed it ! They all had smart phones and notebooks and were tapping MY unecrypted WIFI!
    I went home and pulled my plug and the crowd was gone within 10 minutes. I felt sorry for the BBQ lady, she was doing quite well!

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