8 thoughts on “Shepard Smith’s response to “irresponsible” Ebola coverage”

  1. Curious as to what news you watch? And what turns you off to Fox news. Is it too conservative? I’ve always gotten the impression by your posts that your are left of center. Shep has it wrong, it isn’t so much as people freaking out about contracting Ebola, it is more the fact that the Obama administration as so politicized the different federal agencies (now the CD) you can’t get a straight answer on anything.

  2. There was a time {years ago} when Shep was one of the top five reporters on either broadcast or cable news. He lost all credibility when he decided to promote his own agenda and not report the news.

    American citizens have been out and out lied too, by the CDC and the President about this entire situation. Either intentionally or by malfeasance. What we have here is a crisis of leadership and it starts at the top. The President told the nation from CDC headquarters that there was “little or no chance that ebola would ever get here”. And it did. Then that statement was revised, well if it did get here we could contain and control it. And they haven’t.

    Dr. Frieden previously served as the NYC Health Commissioner for Mayor Mikey BloomTurd. Where he conduct his own little war on cigarettes, trans fats, salt and sodas that were more than 16 ounces. His agenda is the same as this administrations agenda. . . .far left wing where the citizens are a after thought.

    The first people who were brought to everyone’s attention were the missionaries who came down with the virus. One being a Doctor the other a career Nurse. We have been told that you can “only” get the virus through the exchange of bodily fluids. It’s safe to assume as Medical Experts they were well aware of the inherent risks working around and with patients. So it would also be reasonable to conclude that as “Medical Experts” they took all the necessary precautions to prevent coming down with the virus themselves. No? So if that is so I guess they were swapping spit with patients, cause they did come down with the virus, despite all necessary precautions.

    Then we are told we can “monitor” anyone and everyone who comes in contact with someone who is contagious. Then two Nurses who directly assisted in the treatment of Mr Duncan came down with the virus. Then just to prove how incompetent this administration and CDC really are, they “allowed” the 2nd Nurse to travel back and forth to Ohio while showing signs that she was infected. And of course we now have another person sitting on a Carnival Cruise Ship with the signs. Great monitoring CDC.

    The most absurd things that the CDC has put out is that “a ban of travel from West Africa to the States would be counter productive”. If so this would be the first contagious disease in history that didn’t warrant a “isolation or confinement”. Then Dr Frieden says in a news conference that “someone could spread ebola while sitting on a bus, but that you can not contract it on a bus”. Really?

    Why then is Frontier Airlines now completely dismantling one of the planes Ms Vincent was on and replacing everything on it and have decontaminated the other 9 or 10 times. The administration and the CDC has said that a “travel ban” could not be enforced. Really? People travel under Passports and Visa’s. A ban from anyone originating for those countries under those document could and should be ban from entry. Our “Terrorist Watch List” has been very effective that bans travel into this country. So try again.

    Three of the four Medical Contributors on Fox News completely disagrees with Shep’s position and his diagnosis. Last I checked he {Shep} didn’t have a medical degree. Perhaps NBC would fit Shep better, where their Chief Medical Expert Dr Nancy Snyderman thought violating a confinement order and going out in public to pick up a “To Go” order was much more important than the possibility of spreading the virus.

    Shep would be much better off promoting his agenda elsewhere, where he would be a much better fit and they actually do agenda driven reporting. Any of the msm networks or MsPmsDncTv or CNN would be a perfect fit.

  3. Yeah, Moke. With mid-terms coming up freakin’ space aliens could land and Jesus could return, and the republicans/democrats would be blaming/taking credit.
    In the meantime mainstream media gathers what few last pennies they can from the situation.
    I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Ebola disappears after the elections.

  4. Shep was right on the money trying to inform the public not to panic but it’s doubtful anyone listened considering his audience.

    As John Wayne once said, “Life is tough, but, it’s tougher when you’re stupid.”

    Geo has memorized the Fox So Called News talking points to a tee and is clearly brainwashed (yep) but he was entitled to write his excellent post that clearly changed the subject away from Shep. He’s gotta love him some Hannity, Ablow and Klayman to name just a few racist white Christian men that hate our current president because of his skin color and being much smarter than all of them put together.

    • Speaking of diversion? Understandable coming from a former marine {the pseudo intellectual crowd} {BTW,I thought there was no such thing as a “former” marine, especially a small “m” one?} but why is it with the left everything always comes down to race? Particularly when they don’t have a “clue” as to who they are speaking too.

      NSFW – language

      The WHO warned of the impeding problem back in March, this regime chose to ignore those warnings {like they usually do on anything}. Nobody that I’ve heard from is promoting “panic”. They are merely suggesting some “tried and true, reasonable and prudent medical precautions” that have been used throughout history when it comes to highly contagious, spreadable diseases. Somehow that escapes dopey libs along with this administration.

      If isolation and stopping travel from West Africa {except for humanitarian missions} isn’t prudent. . . .the next time one of your neighbors kid has the Chickenpox, the Flu, the Mumps or any other spreadable virus} invite them over for a “sleep over” with your kids. Medical experts {which excludes Shep Smith} say carries a seventy percent fatality rate.

      Bottoms up, bon appetite!

  5. Americans are dying in droves from obesity, heart disease, suicide, car accidents, and many more preventable things–in HUGE numbers.

    But the scare of the week is Ebola, which is, by all medical standards, more difficult to pass to other people than most other communicable diseases.

    The Right, which has become very leery of Science due to being hijacked by religious fearmongers, is blaming the President and the CDC with every bit of righteous spittle they can muster (how they have any left after all the other things they blame Obama and Science for, I don’t know), and fomenting more fear by spreading misinformation. Their acolytes lap it up.

    The CDC isn’t helping by coming across as inept right now.

    You are, and have always been, more likely to die crossing the road tomorrow on your morning jog as you are to contract Ebola.

  6. Being a Native American, your rah rah days have always annoyed me. But this current left/right political paradigm thang is so counter productive. Nobody is getting anywhere at all. MEH.

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