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8 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. Why are some women so mad that they half to sit to pee? Is it really that arduous? My body was designed to sit or squat and that’s what I will do. Even out camping it is not hard, tho maybe less socially acceptable.
    I can see a use for the “stand up” when someone with knee troubles is out in the woods, tho.

  2. Re: Bad Predictions
    Stating that moving Babe Ruth from Pitcher to Right Field was the dumbest move in baseball, then refuting that statement by using an example which has nothing to do with what position the Babe played is senseless.

    • If he were pitching he would not have been at bat often enough to all those home runs. He would have played only about a quarter of the games.

        • As a pitcher, he would not have been active in as many games. Pitching is rough on the arm so they are rotated through the lineup. (And that’s actually about everything I know about baseball.)

          • Thanks for the education, Barb and Rev. I tried to give you star for your answers, but that feature works erratically on my laptop. So, help yourselves to some of these: **************

  3. Doggone it, I want to know why people back in to parking spaces. I’ve always wanted to know, but you have to trade your firstborn to get into the site.

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