4 thoughts on “First day on the job”

  1. This is a pretty epic clip that is used widely in health and safety circles. As it’s a GIF it has cut out the follow up measures of trying to recover the guy who caused the accident. This accident is just another example of why most warehouses should have solid bollards at the end of all their pallet-racking.

  2. @Mick: do you have a link to the longer version?

    anyway, just by removing one pillar the rack shouldn’t collapse – or it’s overloaded.

  3. I used to be in forklift sales and saw this happen once. It’s far more common than you would ever hope, though not generally this catastrophic haha. There was an office supply warehouse in my area that I would not go near any of their racking, because the legs were so beat up. Any day now…

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