4 thoughts on “Cryonics”

  1. When they started moving number 100 around, I was waiting for a loud “snap” and watch a leg break off. “Oh well, if they can revive them in the future, they can reattach that also!”

  2. The science of cryonics makes perfect sense. If you are dead and you get buried you are guaranteed to stay that way. If you are frozen you at least have a chance. The cost with life insurance is minimal. $28,000 at the cryonics institute is really inexpensive. Even heart transplants cost 1,000,000 and might give you a few decades of life. Cryonics can not make you deader then dead but it can just maybe revive you to youth and a technological future that is very advanced and awesome. To me it makes no sense not to try it. What have you got to lose by trying. You lose everything by not trying!

  3. OK guys, here’s why it doesn’t work: When a cell is frozen it is mostly water. Water expands when it freezes. So crack crack crack crack ALL of the cells in your body are ruptured irretrievably.

    A tiny number try that next step, replacing all of your blood with antifreeze. Hardly possible, certainly within that six minute freeze-thaw time when you cells are gasping for air. Think of the inside of the skull. Think of what the pain must be like, antifreeze instead of blood.

    Possible in the future maybe. But quite unlikely to result in a thawable body.

    • Not sure you have done your home work. We already routinely freeze embryos and many other human tissues made of cells. We also possess crude cloning and stem cell regeneration technology to mend and repair cells so unless you have a fix on the future you really have no clue on if this works or not. Until then I say this is a possibility and the people in this clinical trial have nothing to lose.

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