Friday Firesmith – The Sins of the Israelis

friday firesmithThere are two sides to every story and the war between the Israelis and the Palestinians have more angles to it than a meth addicted used car salesman trying to shilling condoms in a convent during Holy Mass. The conflict over there it is nasty and both sides hate each other with a passion. If you ever want to engage in some sort of exercise in futility try to sort out who is trying to kill who and who hates who and why everyone over there in that part of the world is who they are and why they are that way.

But let’s get rid of all the complications and look at this thing as simply as we possibly can.

Let’s say you and your family and your friends all lived in an apartment building that faced a street and across the street was another apartment building. Now let’s say that at random times of the day and night, someone fired a shotgun out of one of the windows of the other building at your building. Now, shotguns, from a distance, are not that deadly, but people get their windows blown out, they get hurt and it is scary as hell. And one day you discover the people across the street are building tunnels to get closer and closer to you.

Okay, now before 1947, the people across the street, this was their building, They lived where you are living now, and they would like to live there again. You understand that now, but that was nearly seventy years ago and your family doesn’t really have anywhere else to go. So what do you do?

You could speak to them about all this and hope for the best. You could fire shotguns back at them and hope for the best. Or you could go over there, kick the doors in, and blast away at anything that moves and a few things that don’t anymore, blow up the tunnels, really wreck their building to the point that they might forget about ever firing at you again.

So what would you do? Yeah, I know the back story here, in more detail than most, but the bottom line is this; on a day to day this is your life and you have to do something, what’s the plan?

Personally, I think the Israelis are using a disproportional amount of force. But I’m not over there and I’m not living with what they have to live with, day in, day out. Given the situation at hand, with the rockets and tunnels, I might do the same thing. You might.

And, oh by the way: Here’s a video showing how the people of Gaza reacted to the attacks of 9-11 as reported by every news channel in America. We hadn’t even gotten our dying and wounded out before the celebration began.

Those people chose sides that day.

And so did I.

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