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  1. Doesn’t surprise me. Without enforcement of the fairness doctrine, news is not about reality as much as it is about making profit.

    • Ummm, Fox reporting correctly is an oxymoron.

      I just read that Comedy Central is trying to purchase Fox News. CC said this will fill a lot of gaps in our schedule, especially late night when the guys just wanna ogle/rate the babes.

    • Fox doesn’t really “report”. Reporting in the pure journalistic sense would be “That house is painted red.” Fox, on the other hand, says, “That house is painted red, perhaps because they are making a blatant attempt to show their support of Communism.” What Fox does is more in line with commentary that has an agenda.

      It’s not libel, nor is it a lie, because they covered their asses by injecting “perhaps”.

      It’s no different than the statement, “I’m not saying you’re mother is a whore, but she has been in bed with a man every night.” Of course, avoiding saying that man is your dad is cleverly left out. Language manipulation is Fox’s strong suit. This is why the GOP love Frank Luntz.

  2. Fairness Doctrine? There was nothing fair about it. It’s a subsidy for people who can’t compete in or on a open market. About as useful as the redistribution of wealth from the Great Society. Despite numerous attempts to revive it, it always gets shot down. The FCC abandoned it in the 80’s.

    A collection of thrown together Rules and Regulations compiled by a group of bureaucrats when the entire legacy media was owned, operated and broadcasted by a handful of people, whether it was radio and/or television. I prefer to be my own arbiter of information and if I don’t like what is being said or want another point of view. . . .I use my remote!

    • LMAO. When you say “another point of view” you mean someone that thinks like you. Being one’s own arbiter of information and being able able to think critically are not necessarily the same.

  3. The one important aspect of the fairness doctrine was that in order to get a license to broadcast, the station had to present a public service of providing news. That was why the news department, back in the day was not a profit maker. It was the rest of the programming that helped sustain the news department. Nowadays, it’s all about being profitable without presenting reality.

    Lest one forget, that Roger Ailes, the founder of FNC, tried selling the idea of a new network to Nixon called GOP TV. It didn’t fly until Reagan stopped enforcing the fairness doctrine, thus allowing a network to present an alternate reality.

    • You really need to put down the pablum and kook aid. The industry is as diverse as it ever has been, unlike when the policy was adopted. There are hundreds of different owners who now broadcast over radio and television. It’s also breaking out into the internet with many are now broadcasting. I suppose we need a “Fairness Doctrine” there also? Where is the diversity and fairness with NPR, who we support with tax dollars? It’s about as balanced as the nyslimes or MsPmsDnc.tv.

      Today’s media includes Russia Today, Latino and Muslim programming. You think some pointy hat bureaucrat sitting in D.C. is going to determine what is fair and what is not? Those licenses that you site are regularly renewed and reviewed. The public are invited to submit their opinions in favor or opposition. The libs controlled all aspects of the government for two years, where they could’ve changed that, but didn’t like many other “issues” they rather have it as “fodder” for low information voters. Present company included, I guess.

      I’d cite several current day scandals that are swirling around the current regime, like the IRS, NLRB, the DOJ and others, but it’s obvious it would serve no purpose with someone on your diet of pablum, kool aid and legacy media.

      Yep, I’ll stick with my remote over your obvious bias, but thanks anyway, bottoms up!

      Remember! The truth shall set you free.

      • You need to stop projecting.

        Major media is fairly limited to a handful of corporations.

        You seem to be missing the point of the fairness doctrine that I address, but in a sense, your inability to assemble some clear thought is proof of why the fairness doctrine should be brought back.

        Now I can safely say that at least 90%, possibly even more, of what you think you know about politics, is either wrong or is a gross misrepresentation of facts or you are knowingly lying. Here’s my proof: You said, “The libs controlled all aspects of the government for two years,…” That simply is not true. I can prove it, you can’t. And I know what your “proof” is going to be and it can be proven to be wrong. The truth of the matter is that Democrats had complete control over the span of just four maybe five months. That was a deliberate situation partially controlled by the GOP, the rest on circumstance. Are you willing to make a wager on this?

        Not to mention your laundry list of “scandals”. Which either were a result of the previous administration or are only called scandals by the right-wing echo chamber. But since you admit to being a low information voter, it makes sense that you would think that.

        The fact is, truth inherently has a liberal bias because it presents itself as it is and the process of critical thinking, which is a liberal process, disseminates the information and comes to conclusions. Whereas conservatives march lockstep. Conservatives come to a conclusion and then create facts to fit it. Conservative politics is authoritarian by nature. After all, the GOP is the only party I know that has a “purity test”.

  4. Bottoms up Ray. Critical thinking, eh? Why is it that it is only dopey libs who whine for a even playing field? Let me help you out and throw you a lifeline here. It’s because you dopes never remove your rose colored glasses, or change your failed policies. No matter how many times you’re proven wrong. I’ll bet you’re even one of those critical thinkers who are polling around 40% now, that still think your current “critical stinker” is doing a good job.

    As the wheels come off of the “short bus”.

    You see unlike dopey libs, all I want is a total fairness doctrine. . . . The First Amendment and the free market. If you don’t like what you are hearing, change the channel or switch it off. Exactly where “your types” can’t compete and have gotten your asses kicked, cause nobody is buying what your selling. I want you and all of your six friends who enjoy all those other networks that watch them, keep watching just stop whining about fairness and Fox.

    Lonely old Fox and mean old Ailes and Murdock -vs- CBS – NBC – ABC – MsPmsDnc.tv – NPR – CNN – HLN – RT and a slew of others……and all you jerks can do is whine about a “fairness doctrine”? Seems to me a pretty fair fight, where your buds get their collective asses kicked with the release of every Ratings Survey. Usually one can combined a few of their standings and not equal just one network. . . .Fox.

    Project this. . . . .time to man up!


    • I see you are afraid to make the wager. So you make ad hominem attacks as your method of asserting…god knows what. All I know is it shows you know you have nothing, especially anything resembling the truth, on your side.

      Well, it seems like if someone wants to know why the chicken crossed the road, they should ask you directly. Careful of those cars, little clucker.

      • What’s funny is the lack of realization that there is little difference between Fox and ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. All are owned by conservative corporations and some of the latter, but more importantly, also Fox, has Muslim co-ownership.

        RT is Russia’s equivalent to Fox. At least journalists have showed some integrity there as they quit the network because of the bias.

        The point that detractors of the fairness doctrine isn’t one’s ability to switch channels, it’s that propaganda is being fed to those who are plain ignorant to know it. These are the same people who complain of the non-existent liberal bias but seem fine with conservative propaganda bias. Attaching oneself with those who all think the same is no different than being in a cult. Which goes to the point of the purity test. Liberals accept differences, conservatives do not. Which is more what the idea of America is about and which is more what this nation has gone to a world war for?

    Some of you make decent and thought provoking comments and then you have to show your immaturity by calling someone who doesn’t agree with your view a derogatory name or attack them verbally.
    Do you think that they will all of a sudden see things your way?
    Do you think they’re stupid because they don’t agree with you?
    Do you think that everyone should agree with you and they’re idiots if they don’t?
    Do you realize how juvenile you sound when you stoop to that level?
    You lose all credibility in my view when you do that. And, it’s really starting to piss me off.
    I’m asking you to open your mind to the fact that others have a right to have an opinion that is contrary to yours. Make your point and even counter-points but don’t beat a dead horse and don’t stoop to name calling.

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