9 thoughts on “Speeding cop backtracks when he realizes he’s being recorded”

  1. I’m quite torn on this video. The cop didn’t seem to be patronizing or belligerent from the very beginning and the truck driver was kind of a jerk. Should cops be allowed to speed and talk on their cell phones? I don’t know,…however, I don’t recall seeing any news reports of cops slamming into folks or causing accidents while speeding and yakking on their phones. I’m not saying that it hasn’t happened, but I haven’t seen any evidence that this has been a wide-spread problem. I am a big supporter of law enforcement and while we all know that there are some bad eggs out there ‘on the job’, most of them that I have met are decent, hard-working professionals. On the other hand, most truck drivers are decent hard-working folks too, but God knows I’ve had my heart nearly explode a few times on the interstate due to an eighteen-wheeler being driven like a Formula 1 car in heavy traffic. Nothing like 30,000 lbs bearing down on you in your rear-view mirror and you have no place to go.

  2. After the driver called the cop out, the cop started LOOKING for “violations.” Checking the log book, health card, inspection, etc.

    While never admitting he was wrong, the cop turned pleasant and less confontational once he knew he was being recorded.

    I don’t know the rules about a cop using a phone while driving, but they certainly aren’t allowed to speed without lights and sirens. Regardless, they should be held to the same standards regular drivers are.

    • I don’t want to rag on all cops because most are good people and I certainly don’t mean to imply that they’re all like this. But this jerk took his authority a little too far and it’s a shame. His arrogance casts a shadow on the hard work of other cops.

      So many times you see videos of officers being verbally abused and I don’t know how they can strand there and take it, but they do. Hats off to those guys that do a sometimes thankless job for most of us law abiding citizens.

    • Ummm, yeah…like the cop who doesn’t want to wait for the light will suddenly throw on his lights and siren to get through the intersection then just as abruptly turn them off a block later. Could be his call was canceled. Can’t really say that’s what happened for sure, but there seems to be a lot of canceled calls when the squad car is in front waiting at the intersection.

  3. He became polite and contrite afterwards. At least he apologized. I don’t think either one was in the wrong. I’m glad the power didn’t go to the troopers head, he could have still given the trucker a ticket for some bs. Law enforcement is not above the law. Good stuff.

  4. The cop pulled him over for honking his horn at the cop when the cop was spotted doing everything he was not supposed to be doing (driving fast / talking on the phone / driving unsafely), and was annoyed at it. The cop had the “how dare you honk your horn at me?” attitude at the beginning and told him he would be ticketed. Once the camera showed up, “We’re all best buddies! We all want what’s best for us all!” Video equipment should come standard with every car in America. It keeps the police honest just like they do to us.

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