2 thoughts on “Elk vs. Photographer”

  1. If you click on the YouTube logo you can read comments from the man who took the video and the man who was the subject. Interesting.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Barb. Very very sad about the elk, but humans caused that behavior, which eventually resulted in his death. I’ll never understand the thinking of assholes who feed bears, force their kids to approach and touch bison, even who throw bread to ducks & geese, probably the worst thing you can put into them, which when it gets wet can form a blockage in their digestive system and kill them…they have no teeth and their systems are very different from ours.

      I’ve seen the same fate happen to bears in Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mtn National Parks…. people stop in the middle of the road and feed the bears bread, potato chips, candy, peanut butter…all things the animal’s system just isn’t designed for, all to get some great home video. Then when the same bear invades a campground or picnic area, tearing into coolers or cars or tents with people in them, looking for more of that food, the bear is considered a threat and a danger to humans, and is trapped and taken to a remote area of the park, and if it happens again, they are put to death. Thanks, humans.

      Signs, brochures, rangers, the law, common sense mean nothing to these jerks. Sad that the idiots who created that behavior in this elk won’t ever ever recognize what they’ve done. They’ll just laugh at their video of fat Junior tossing Doritos to a wild animal.


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