B&P Link Dump

Pre kiss10 Fast Food Items That Are Gone Forever

Levi’s CEO: ‘Don’t Wash Your Jeans’

Everything you ever wanted to know about drones

Watch A Giant Worm Crawl Out Of Dead Spider

A GIF history of the pre-fight kiss   Right arrow

You can have my gun when you can pry it from my cold, stinking…

Do’s and Don’t’s from your neighborhood bartender

Water slide’s opening delayed after test dummies ‘go airborne’

Drunk Fish Totally Impress Sober Fish, Study Finds

Bare spots? How to over seed your lawn

Depressed goat ends hunger strike

Motorist hits traffic camera and takes off with it

10 most dangerous vacation spots

Electronic nose to prevent food poisoning

The weather forecast for the Weather From…  Funny but might be NSFW



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  1. I really wonder. I mean REALLY wonder what “kicks” the spelling Nazis get? Do they troll just to find them? Do they get a hard on when they do?

    Now the grammer police I can understand. There motive is educational.

    • I would think the spelling and grammar corrections both would be educational. I guess it just depends on how it’s said on both.

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