10 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. Australian Rules football but still can’t see the whoops there is a blurry figure on the right but can’t make it out?

  2. It is supposed to be a GIF file, but I only get a single static frame with no “whoops”. Right click on the picture, select “search Google for image” and you will see the story of the boy on the right.

    • Not really, tony. Danny S had the solution. It just took me a while to install Google Chrome so I had the “search Google for image” option. Although I am pretty fair at searching for people.

  3. I wouldn’t pay that mark. Clearly didn’t control the ball… Ah sorry, I meant the kid. If I was the ump I woulda called play on.

    At least the Dad didn’t try to kick the kid through the goals.

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