9 thoughts on “Who were you in a past life?”

  1. I am a hippie! I’ve been called a hippie before, so it doesn’t surprise me.

    ….gonna rant a bit since open mic isn’t up.

    Feeling kinda lonely here in Malaysia where my being queer is met with a lot of “but the Quran says!!” clap trap. It’s exhausting. It makes me feel like I’m drowning. I can see people staring and pointing at me, and it’s not just curious stares because of my hair, it’s judgemental stares. I can see it in their eyes. I see it in the periphery of my vision. Even when they talk in a different language, I can hear the judgement.



    • I was supposedly a hippie too and that’s pretty laughable.
      I’m so sorry you’re not comfortable back in Malaysia. Unfortunately, those who “dare to be different” generally face judgement from small minded people, especially the religious types.
      By the way, have you visited the B&P Lounge(last item on the top line of each page)?

  2. I was also a Greek philosopher. Maybe we should get together and do some thinkin & drinkin, Jonco.

    And I love your hair, Miss S.

  3. 21 years in Navy, with marines and on submarines, and now I find out I’m a HIPPIE, dang……. I was running with the Marines when SF was in it’s hayday. Boy did I miss a lot.

  4. Another Greek Philosopher here. A few of those questions I probably could have honestly answered differently if they were a little more specific.

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