Windy Landings and Takeoffs

Welcome to Birmingham, England – where pilots have white knuckles and steel balls. This eleven minute video highlights the skill and focus that is demanded from pilots who fly here. So, find something to bite down on, and imagine yourself flying in the back of one of these planes!

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 I’m not afraid to fly but situations like this make me a little apprehensive about it.  I’ve been on a couple of pretty windy landings and it does get your attention.  You really have to hand it to these pilots to be able to maneuver a plane of that size in those challenging conditions.


7 thoughts on “Windy Landings and Takeoffs”

  1. Is there some particular reason that the Birmingham airport seems to be so windy? Since Maffu lived in that area, maybe he can fill us in.

  2. They don’t need a landing strip, they need a landing zone. In other words the entire area should be a tarmac and you should land with the wind. I’m not a pilot, so maybe I’m wrong on how a runway should be made, but it sure makes more sense than destroying tires.

  3. Plane Drifting!!!

    I was going to say the same thing, Buckwheat. It would be expensive as hell, but make the runway round so you can take off in any direction.

    Would probably be a logistical nightmare!

  4. Why are there so many ripples in the landing strip? I’ve eaten Ruffles(TM)that are flatter than that!(That’s a reference to a brand of potato crisp, for all our English friends) The way that strip goes up and down I’d guess these pilots have all trained to land on aircraft carriers.

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