9 thoughts on “To the fatty running on the track this afternoon…”

  1. This could have been written for my son-in-law. He started his journey to good health in February, 2013 at 435 pounds. He is now weighing in at 199. He did it the old fashioned way, running, exercising and eating the right stuff. I am really proud of him, especially since he and my daughter are now expecting their first child in June.

    • Are you kidding me?! Thats amazing! So happy for him, that is such a big accomplishment!

      I hope he took pictures during his progress and is sharing his story on motivational websites. I love hearing stories like this.

      • He was featured on an HLN television segment and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about two months ago.

  2. Jonco – this would be great on BOW too.

    Like anywhere in life, I know everyone has their “first day”–first day on the job, first day learning something new, first day of their trekking back to the weight they want/need to be, etc. As long as they are trying I have all the patience in the world and admiration for them.

    On the flip side, I feel a bit hypocritical with first-time drivers: while I want them to learn how to properly drive and can remember my first days behind the wheel, I wish they would stay as much as possible in the right lane.

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