B&P Link Dump

22 Words That Have A Different Meaning In Chicago

Madonna pitApril Fools Day Prank Ideas

Conan 360°

The WiFi name is Lulu’s what?

5 Regrets Of The Dying

Is it time for female armpit hair?  Right arrow

Duncan, the 2 legged dog that loves the beach

Look, up in the air… It’s a plane

20 Absolutely Genius Parenting Hacks

TSA Agent: Stealing from travelers is common

Will “Package-enhancing pants” sell?

18 Absolute Worst Things Ever… For Lefties

What’s the laziest thing you’ve ever done?

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring –  A recipe



4 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. Ha! Ha! Love the wifi one. Used to have drug dealers living next door so I set my wifi as ‘SDPD Surveillance Van 2351’. During Comic-con I was staying at a hotel near the convention center so I had my laptop broadcast a ssid that said ‘For a good time call 619-308-2935’ which was a local gay chat number. I like to think I got at least a couple of those geeks a date. Currently, being a big fan of Walking Dead, I have my wifi set as ‘zombielan’ and ‘lan of the dead’.

    • I set up my wi-fi and my Mom’s wi-fi as “FBI Van 999” (with different numbers instead of 999).

      I just wish the van my neighbors have was a panel van without side and back windows.

  2. Again, I love the Link Dumps! Buzzfeed got most of the Chicago meanings correct, but a few were off the mark. The “package enhancer” underwear is…is…no words for that. The brunch ring looks and sounds good, but I doubt mine would look like a perfect circle. Think I’ll just throw it all together in a bundt pan and with the crescent rolls on the bottom and top. Shall I make you a plate?

  3. I rarely shave my armpits anymore, but where I expected something… I guess enlightened, that artical was the usual anti-women feminist tripe and I found it depressing.
    I’ll shave or not shave whenever I feel like it anyway, though.

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