8 thoughts on “How to get rich quick…”

  1. After a very hectic night in his restaurant, a friend of ours was counting the money and discovered a strange looking $20. It was actually a $5 with the corners of $20 taped to it. A neat enough job that the harried cashier didn’t notice it.

    • I don’t understand why the US doesn’t make that, and a lot of other shenanigans, impossible by having different colored currency like Canada, Australia, UK, NZ, Russia, and most other countries. Instead we have the most boring and ugliest bills on earth.


      • Personally, I would love to collect those ugly and boring bills. Unfortunately, the ugly and boring bills I receive prevent that.

    • So, they destroyed a 20 to tape its corners onto a 5 to make a fake 20? Now they’ve used up $25 instead of just $20, spent time and effort to do that, and risked getting arrested.

      • Now that I think about it, I think as long as you have the serial number and more than 50% of a bill, you can exchange it for a new bill, so the ripped up $20 isn’t necessarily lost. Or more likely they ripped 1 corner off of 4 different 20’s to minimize the damage and then they can probably easily spend the 4 20’s with 3 corners.

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