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  1. Time to break this one down. I get the point. There are many wonderful things about weed that some are pushing for. I say distribute it just like any other drug… in pill form. I’m sure that you can extract the entire group of wonderful things in weed into a pill. Why do I want that to be the case? Because the low THC weed in plant form is indistinguishable from any other kind. Why else? Because once you make it legal to grow and sell plants for medicine you have made it legal for any other use. In other words “Medical” marijuana is just a sham to legalize it all together. Colorado is the only honest one in the bunch of states that have legalized it in some form.
    My three acceptable options are to make it a pill and have it available at a pharmacy under medical applications, have it completely legal, or don’t have it legal at all. This medical argument is a sham. Why do I say that? Because the percentage of people who actually use it for things like epilepsy and other ailments seems to be very small, and usually a small group like that has a hard time pushing for something like this without the help of people who see an advantage for themselves.
    Go ahead and tell me how narrow minded I am, but I’m just being honest. Choose to legalize it, make it an actual medicine, or don’t legalize it at all. None of this cloak of darkness legalization under the guise of medical plants. I can’t think of another drug on the shelves that is like that (I’m sure there is a small number of exceptions).

  2. I’ll do my simple argument against just straight making it legal now. We now have certain legal recreational drugs including alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, and of course chocolate (had to throw that one in). There is an advantage and disadvantage to legalizing any recreational drug. Let’s take alcohol. The big advantage (other than the party aspect) is if we were to criminalize it we would have a lot of work to do to police it. The disadvantage is the ills on our society including drunk driving, alcoholic parents, etc.
    I guess my question is, do we really want to add another legal drug to our mix? Do we know all of the advantages and disadvantages?
    Perhaps a push toward my bias is the thought that the criminals out there who are moving marijuana right now would not just simply give up. They would then start pushing something else, so the crime aspect really never will go away. So do we want to hope that crime gets better while we have some unknown disadvantage of having a lot of high people walking around?

  3. Hi Buckwheat,

    While I understand your position the answer is actually quite simple.

    The word -Medical Marijuana- is not a sham. The majority of the people who use cannabis as medicine use it for pain management. They prefer to smoke a joint or vaporize the substance in order to relieve pain. Also the majority of cannabis patients weened off pharma drugs such as Vicodin and so forth which are infinitely more dangerous than cannabis and cause addiction.

    Also, while the ‘pill form’ does exist the fact of the matter is that there are other elements within the plant that actually helps. Such as eating the raw leaf, eating seeds and so forth. Cannabis should be reclasified as a psychoactive vegetable as opposed to a ‘drug’ however we’ll keep it as a drug for argument’s sake.

    In relation to advantages and disadvantages about legalization it’s also an easy answer.

    1. The cost of prohibition is far too high on society. A marijuana arrest will not allow you to get loans, it will provide you with a criminal record which will haunt you far longer than any effect of cannabis can ever do. Not to mention that the near 1 million arrests per year not to mention the massive prison industry that grew…this is merely the antonym of freedom.

    You cannot OD on cannabis – Proven
    Physical addiction rates similar to caffeine – Proven

    In regards to criminals pushing something else….also true however cannabis makes up a large portion of criminal income within the current system. In fact 50% of DEA efforts are directed to cannabis. Get rid of prohibition you’d have 50% of the resources directed to drugs such as Meth and Heroin etc. So while they might start pushing these other drugs, more resources would be available to stifle production and in turn would actually reduce the availability of harder drugs.

    In my opinion I would legalize them all to completely disrupt the black market. Create regulatory systems and educational programs and then focus law enforcement efforts on real crimes such as : Rape, Murder, Extortion, Theft etc.

    The second largest illicit market trailing only after the drug trade is human trafficking which by any rational means should be a higher priority than drug consumption.

    Cannabis is a medicine just like so many other herbs and we don’t NEED to have it in a pill form. A lot of people do not want to take pills and by offering cannabis only in a pill form you would essentially be forcing people who prefer organic mediums of ingesting medicine such as roots, teas etc into a system where they are dependent on pharma.

    I say make it pills, make it legal to grow. It’s infinitely more safe than alcohol, tobacco and so forth. If you are allowed to take highly addictive pain killers, why not cannabis either which cannot kill you and has a very low possibility of addiction.

    We have 75 years of prohibition and have NOT reduced the amount of drugs available, but rather made it cheaper, less pure and readily available to anyone who wants. No taxes gets poured back into society and you’re essentially criminalizing Freedom of Choice.

    Prohibition hasn’t worked since the beginning…just ask God for “Thou shalt not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” and even in that case…it failed.

  4. Actually what you are talking about is pseudo science. Here is some actual science on the effects of marijuana. Turns out high THC/CBD whole plant extracts are actually capable of inducing apoptosis in malignant cancer cells. People like Mykayla Comstock, an 8 year old who had aggressive leukemia and cured it 100% using cannabis oil, proves it. Here is some acual science on the amazing healing properties of cannabis, incluindg the scientific evidence that it can cure cancer.

    The user Buckwheat has literally no clue what they are talking about. Trying to say medicinal marijuana is bogus is like saying the earth is flat or gravity does not exist. There are thousands of studies that show beyond a shadow of a doubt that cannabis has healing properties for thousands of illnesses and diseases from glaucoma to multiple sclerosis to cancer. And saying thhat we can surely isolate the healing compounds in the plant shows Buckwheat is completely inorant and has refused to educate him/herself. Theyve tried that and it doesnt work, you need ALL the active ingredients in the plant for it to heal. Do not listen to Buckwheat, he/she is completely clueless and is spitting dangerous propoganda.


  5. Mikael, I won’t even address you because you for some reason did not read my post and just saw I was opposed and completely disregarded what I said. Try again.

    On the other hand Reginald actually took the time and so will I.
    Let me clarify what I said just to be clear. I understand there are benefits to marijuana in some cases, I think I stated that. The problem is if we make it legal just for medical reasons in plant form we have defacto made it legal for all because it is so easily propagated.
    My only argument against this is what I said. We pick up both ends of the stick, but we do not know what the other end is. We know what it is like in the illegal form and it is tied to all sorts of illegal activity, perhaps just because it is illegal itself.
    I don’t disagree with the human trafficking aspect, but that is an entirely different discussion and action plan.
    As far as the addiction goes I believe that caffeine is fairly addictive unless I am mistaken, so your comparison would make weed very addictive as well.
    I agree that the prescription medicines are very addictive and harmful and likely over prescribed. I don’t discount this as an alternative, but you understand my concerns with calling it medical when it will be spread into recreational without a problem.
    Here are my problems with your argument. Give me a way to distinguish between a medical plant and one with high levels of THC just meant to get people high.
    Would crime in drug related areas go away? You admit that it does not so what benefit do we gain from making it completely legal? The pushers would simply switch to something else they can push. Yes there would be a gear change but not really a halt in crime. It seems that you may be of the mindset that we make it all legal including the prescription drugs you mentioned. I only have one issue with this, and that is high people do stupid things and they will do it to others including their own kids, and anyone in the foster care side of things knows it is hard as hell to get a kid out of a bad situation even when it is obviously a bad situation. In other words I am using the old line “won’t anyone think of the children.”
    Your last couple of statements seem to ignore this issue I have with it being legal as medicine makes it legal for anything in fact. So give me a reason not to believe that. I understand that you have jumped all the way to make it legal but I have not. Convince me.
    What is wrong with making it in pill form, not just THC but the oil or whatever makes it so great? What is taken away when we limit it from being smoked or eaten in brownies? I’m curious because I don’t partake and you’re obviously intimately involved.

    Another thought, to those pushing this. You act very clever with this, but I know you are just regurgitating talking points, which is really what bugs me. Answer my concerns rather than just repeating back the same stuff you are given in a pamphlet.

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