6 thoughts on “Ring around the crocodile”

    • Thanks for the reference. If Stalingrad happened in the “west” there would be 50 million movies made of it.

      • You’re absolutely right. Stalingrad was one of the most horrific battles in history. 300,000 German troops killed, 500,000 Soviet Army deaths, and probably over 700,000 civilian men women and children killed by starvation, frostbite, disease, or months of house-to-house fighting. Some of the battle was fought in -30° and snow. Hitler’s losses at Stalingrad most likely insured his eventual defeat.

      • If you’re interested in more, read “Enemy At The Gates: The Battle For Stalingrad” by Wm Craig (1974). I think it’s out of print, but libraries should have it. Unbelievable story, but it’s all true.

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