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3 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump”

  1. For Infi, who I believe waxes poetically about the deliciousness of the McRib:

    “4. The McRib doesn’t have any rib bones in it, thankfully. That’s because it’s “restructured meat product” made from pig innards, tripe, heart, and scalded stomach. Then it’s doused in salt. These parts are blended with more salt and water solution to help act as glue to keep the meat mixture together. That’s why the McRib seems virtually indestructible. Oh, and I forgot to mention it contains 70 ingredients, one of which is azodicarbonamide, a flour-bleaching agent used in the production of foamed plastics like yoga mats. Yum.”

  2. The fast food ‘facts’ is nothing but scare tactics.
    I was ok believing about the strawberry shake chemicals, and even the McRib ingredients, but when you get to a picture of a supposed hamburger that hasn’t aged in years and the “36% beef” from Taco Bell, I knew I was reading nothing but crap. (On that one, I used to work at Taco Bell and that sure as heck wasn’t what OUR hamburger meat looked like).

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