2 thoughts on “Plastic Pennies”

  1. Learning Advantage is the manufacturer of hundreds of educational teaching aids for the classroom. Plastic money is a wonderful tool for hands-on education when teaching money concepts. In addition to pennies, Learning Advantage offers a full range of ‘play’ money materials. Do teachers have the option of buying and using real pennies? You bet! However, there are advantages to purchasing Learning Advantage’s plastic pennies instead of using real ones. Plastic money tends to have a longer lifespan in the classroom and are less likely to end up in students’ pockets. The reality is there is a market for plastic pennies and many benefits for purchasing the plastic version. There is a cost for manufacturing plastic and demand plays a roll in price determination. When millions of plastic pennies are in demand, it will drive the cost of manufacturing down. The complete set of money materials, offered by Learning Advantage, would not be complete without a set of plastic pennies. [img][/img]

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