Help Krisgo find a name for a new blog

Dear Bits and Pieces readers,

krisgo (Jonco’s daughter) here–Hello!

I’m planning on starting a blog and I’m asking for your help. I intend to do similar content as Bits and Pieces with some anecdotal writing, humor, trivia and light editorials from my perspective. The trouble is– I can’t come up with a good blog name that isn’t already taken or ‘for sale’.

A little about me – in case you are one of the unfortunate readers to have missed the first BABBQ, and didn’t get to meet me. 🙁
First off – I’m ef’f’in awesome. I use to not know that, but now that I’m older and wiser I’ve learned it. I’m in my early 40’s, married, 2 kids almost all ‘growd’ up, school volunteer, student of arts and crafts and cooking. I love to read and relax, and take semi-long and/or short walks on the beach. I love to laugh, play board games, and I dislike confrontation, religion and politics. Dad and I have a similar sense of humor, a lot of times we crack each other up!

I currently blog at – but I’ll reserve this blog for recipes, crafts, and unique miscellaneous instructional posts.

I’d appreciate any ideas you all come up with!   Got any clever ideas?

Thanks a bunch,


23 thoughts on “Help Krisgo find a name for a new blog”

  1. This is stream of consciousness arranged by themes:

    – GoKris
    – GoKrisGo

    – piecesandbits
    – bittypieces
    – bitesandpieces

    – KrisgoBites
    – LifeBites
    – LifeBits
    – KrisgoBits

    – KrisGoes(insert_verb/aacronym_here).com

    – CanOfKrisgo
    – CookingWithKrisgo
    – EverythingIsBetterWithKrisgo
    – DeepFriedKrisgo

    My favorites for various reasons in no particular order are:
    * KrisGo (for simplicity)
    * KrisgoBits (a nod to how your 2 blogs are related)
    * (a funny play on your name)
    * DeepFriedKrisgo (a strong play on words that evokes a lot of abstract meta humor and has tons of graphically interesting banner branding potential. + who doesn’t love things that are deep fried?)

    If I should win this ‘no prize’ / ‘suggestion’ contest and you pick one of the names I suggested, please donate $ (an amount both comfortable & reasonable) to a charity of your choice in my spirit as long as it has no political or religious affiliation.

    Good luck finding a name and please post a follow up on bitsandpieces after you decide so we can sub to the new blog.

  2. How about going the opposite of the Old Man’s? Something like ‘Chunks & Everything’? In fact, maybe you can go the other direction on the whole blog! Maybe you could actually post funny stuff?

    Tell your pops I’m just bustin his ballz. This is one of my favorite sites. You have a lot to aspire to. Good luck.

  3. It’s a stretch, bus since there aren’t too many beaches in St. Louis, how about “Beaches of My Dreams”? Or to pay homage to your location, “Notes From the Flyover Zone”?

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