How much snow it takes to close schools

How much snow does it take to cancel school in your area? This map takes a look at just how much snow around the country it takes to have a snowday. More info Click to enlarge.

Snow closures

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  1. Very little, or the threat of snow, or a rumor that it might snow.
    You really don’t want to be near a Texan when we try to drive on ice. I was out the other day, it was 11 degrees and there was a guy going 20 MPH, I guess he was just being careful, just the thought of ice scared the shit out of him. The roads were clear.

  2. We give a lot of grief to those areas that close down when they get a little bit of snow/ice… but they really don’t know how to handle it.. and the stores down there don’t sell ice melt and windshield scrapers, etc. I’m done with the razzing, it’s old now… let’s move on.

    • Yeah, I’ve never seen snow. I’ve never driven on snow or ice. I guess if it does snow down here I’m expected to just go out to my shed and get all my snow equipment out and use the years of ice driving experience I also don’t have to take the kids safely to school.

  3. Not any snow in my area. It snowed last year a good amount, schools didn’t close. More like everyone was outside taking pictures of the white stuff that’s rarely seen.

  4. Same here, Deborah. In the 25 years I’ve lived in the SF Bay area, I’ve only seen snow stick to the ground once – for about a half hour. (Not counting the sparsely populated ‘mountains’.) No schools closed.

  5. OK. Let’s try this again. It is not the snow that causes problems here. It is the snow that immediately turns to ice and is then covered by more snow. I don’t care where you are from, if there are two inches of ice on the streets, you aren’t going anywhere…

  6. Years ago, when living in San Jose CA it snowed…it sucks but to be honest it was too little to measure. I was so excited about seeing snow I called and woke up my best friends family to tell her is was snowing. They were not impressed being from Chicago.

  7. When I was growing up in Connecticut, my hometown was one of the very few that NEVER cancelled school because of any amount of snow (unless the Governor closed the state). It sucked, being the only ones having to go to school – but it was pretty sweet having the local amusement park all to ourselves the two weeks of June. 🙂

  8. Please also keep in mind that cities in the South don’t have much of the equipment needed to deal with icy roads. They do a pretty good job of sanding most of the bridges and major roadways, but that’s about it. Getting from your house to the freeway is a nightmare.

  9. Our schools were all closed throughout Ohio & Michigan the first 3 days of this week, but it was the frigid temps… Skies were clear, and no new snow on the ground, but actual temps were around -10F with a stiff wind, bringing wind chill temps down to -25 to -30.

  10. Hold my beer and watch me drive thru this sh!t!!! W00T! 🙂 I’ve only encountered it once but it was called ice mist. Everything was frozen solid on the 5 ton that I was driving. In a 20 mile span, there was over 3 inches of ice coating the truck. When I got to my destination, I had to kick at the driver’s door for over 10 minutes just to get out with the heater going full blast. The only reason I could see is because there was lots of antifreeze in the washer fluid otherwise I would have been hooped. NEVER want to drive through that again. Work or school was not cancelled the next day. Studded tires work in ice but expensive to buy if you’d only use them once every decade or so.

  11. They only close schools in extreme cold because whiny Liberals will sue the schools if their child so much as get the sniffles from waiting for the bus and driving a car is a *dirty* word to them because of GlowBull Warming.

    Oh I mean Climate Change. Remember everything is the fault of pollution including George Bush!

  12. However I will give them credit for coming up with the funny idea of taxing farmers for their cows that fart CO2 into the atmosphere!

    That was actually pretty funny!

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