12 thoughts on “Freedom of religion – Stomp Out Atheists”

  1. In James J. Kaufman,v. Gary R. Mccaughtry, the Supreme Court ruled that atheist groups should be afforded the same religious protections found in the 1st Amendment. To me, atheism is a belief, just like a religion.

  2. Now there’s a real Christian woman, following the teachings of Jesus–such as judge not, lest ye be judged.

  3. I don’t know anyone (close) that are religious.

    I think I’m blessed.

    Like I read somewhere, “got nothing against God, just can’t stand his Fan Club”.

  4. Defining atheism seems somewhat difficult. The one thing I’m pretty sure of, is that atheism is not a religion because a religion will always have their traditions and/or rituals which define itself to that specific religion and I’m not aware of any atheist rituals.

  5. Atheism is not a religion. It is the lack of belief in gods. Period. That’s it. Religion requires belief in a deity, and since atheism is the lack of belief in any deities, it is not a religion.

    There are way more atheists in this country than you think. Most live in the closet, for fear of losing jobs, families, communities, friends. The ignorance surrounding lack of belief in gods is huge–and frightening. (The letter above may be a spoof, but millions of people really do believe that stuff.) We come in all shapes and sizes and temperaments. Most of us are decent, hardworking people who want the same things in life you do. Some of us are dicks. This can be said about ANY group.

    Here’s another thing about us. We get extremely tired of all of your tired arguments, which we hear constantly. Here’s my favorite one, when the atheist asks for proof of god(s) from a religionist: “YOU prove he doesn’t exist!” It’s impossible to prove a negative. So, the burden of proof is on the believer.

    Despite what most believers think, most atheists do not say, “We know for a fact there is no god.” You see, we are generally critical thinkers, and we know that there is no way we know everything in the universe. Our position is not the above. It is “there is no evidence whatsoever for any gods, so we live our lives as if none exists.” It’s not about proof, it’s about lack of evidence.

    It’s also about seeing religion, especially Christianity in America and Islam in Muslim countries, in the harsh light, and not caring one bit for its misogyny, cruelty, zealotry and complete abdication of reason.

    Some atheists are angry. Religious people love to hone in on this, accepting it as “proof” that we are bad, negative people with nothing to live for. This is ridiculous, but that doesn’t stop it from perpetuating. Yes, some of us are angry, and we have a right to be. Most of us shrug off the tons of tiny ways that religion infiltrates much of our lives, mostly because we are polite and don’t want to upset people (they do love their beliefs, and do not take kindly to those beliefs being questioned). So, we stay silent. We go along to get along. It’s what minority groups have done since they existed. Religion is so pervasive in America, very often crossing the line of legality, that if you are a believer, you simply don’t see it.

    The atheists I know are living our lives to the fullest, because we don’t have a fall back. We spend our energies making THIS world as good as we can, because it’s all we know we have.

    We are all atheists, actually. I just believe in one fewer god than most people.

  6. Fundamentalist atheists are worse than this fake letter. They seek to use and often are successful in using the police power of the State to prevent others from exercising their freedom of religion, freedom of assembly and freedom of speech rights. As an agnostic I do not seek to restrict anyone else from exercising their rights, too bad the same cannot be said of many atheists.

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