4 thoughts on “Shirt Properties”

  1. This triangle thing is true for most situations in life.
    The first time I saw it was: Do you want it cheap, fast or good?


  2. YEP! The taller one is, the more truth there is to this. Ever try finding 36″ arm length shirts for a 6’3″, 200lb guy with a “bowling ball” for a gut? It’s nearly impossible, so I have elected to just go naked

  3. You can have all three – I have for the last few years.
    Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the answer to your frustrations…
    I have about 15 shirts from these chaps. Build to your specs – material, sleeve/cuff style, collar style etc – then on the last step choose “body sizes” and enter your measurements. Tailor made shirts and for less than you pay for an off the peg job on the high street.

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