Creative end to store closings

A Dominick’s grocery store employee created this satirical video about the Safeway chain closing of a group of Dominick’s grocery store it own in the Chicago area.  He was fired one day before the store officially closed. The video is below.  Read all about it.

Thanks  Andrew R


2 thoughts on “Creative end to store closings”

  1. It is sad that so many are losing their jobs.

    I did not grow up near Chicago but live here now so I do not have much of an emotional connection to Dominick’s. I always thought that they were one of the more expensive grocery stores in the area.

    That was a good video.

  2. Very good video. Safeway up here has been bought out by Sobeys so will be interesting to see what happens there. I feel bad for all the employees that are being laid off.

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