9 thoughts on “California Cold”

  1. I’m in the Bay Area, and it was big news when the highs were in the mid-40s a couple weeks ago. These people should visit Minnesota or something.

  2. I am just south of the Bay Area and weather has been big news often making the headlines. Yes, it has been cold, people just get upset they cannot wear shorts, flip-flops and work on their tans at the beach.

  3. Well, to be fair, a lot of people there aren’t equipped for cooler weather (don’t have the right clothes, heating, etc.) I mean, my son was in Iraq where 113-120 degree days were pretty much run of the mill. Newscasters here complain because it’s in the 90s. Everything’s relative.

    • Newscasters complain about anything trivial. That is “news” these days. Anything beyond a lost kid is beyond the viewers’ comprehension level.

      They are hired for their looks, not for any insight they can add to a complicated situation like why did the chicken not cross the road.

  4. I agree with Elagie. I can always add clothing for the cold but NO ONE wants to see me taking off clothes for the heat. I can’t do extreme heat. It is all relative. If I was given the choice of 120 or -40, I’d go for the -40.

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