7 thoughts on “Alphabet of the Obsolete”

    • Yes, I got sad too but I didn’t get past Cursive. My 30 yr. old son didn’t know cursive until a couple of years ago when a boss asked him to “write” him a resume. He panic’d and told me he only knew how to print. I couldn’t believe it, still can’t. How many others out there? Ok, now I’ll go read the rest.

  1. without a zip code your parcels won’t arrive with the newest gadgets so it’s far from obsolete. Street names are obsolete 😉

  2. I disagree with knobs, ink, wristwatch, and xeroxing (or photocopying). I still use pens, wear a wristwatch (and know many people who do), have knobs on my stove, and make photocopies at work.

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