Friday Firesmith – Classical Revenge

Friday-firesmithI am a live and live type of man. I do not go out of my way to bother other people. The one true bad habit I have is I expect other human beings to adhere to my philosophy of not bothering other people without just cause. Hang on to that thought, I’ll be right back.

Music is something that I think is a lot like sex; what you like is extremely personal. That said, I am willing to bet there isn’t much that isn’t going on right now that hasn’t happened before. It’s an odd thing. People tend to think whatever they’re into, be it music or sex, it’s the greatest thing ever and to a degree they are absolutely right because it means that to the person who is either listening to their favorite music or spending time with someone who really does it for them. You and I might not see the fire in a marriage or for that matter, understand why someone might think country music is much more than twangy pop music that’s got a good beat and is easy to drink to. But to each his own, right?

So a few months back I was taking a short cut across town because there was a wreck and there is this guy washing his car in the middle of the road on a side street. Yeah, he has a driveway but he’s out there washing his car in the road and he’s playing thumpy music so loud the bubbles are jumping off his car, in disgust or vibration, I cannot say. Remember me saying something about people ought not to bother other people without just cause?

I heard his music a block away. I had to go around his car washing activity. Does this seem right to you?

So they’re tearing out a railroad crossing that’s taking a few days and I have to cut across town again. There, in the driveway is the thumpy music guy’s car. Hmmm, he’s got a house on a corner lot, and there isn’t anyone living across the street from him.

So I pull up next to his house and open up the windows and crank up this tune, about 5:30 to about 6:20 and then eased away. That was Monday morning.

Tuesday, I decided to hit the classics and played this as I eased by.

Wednesday, I actually stopped to make sure I got point across with this:

And Thursday morning, we closed out our little adventure with this tune:

I have NO idea what I will play tomorrow. But Wagner sounds good. Sounds like victory.

If I get arrested and I so counting on the people here to make bail for me.

Take Care,

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13 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Classical Revenge”

  1. Great selections Mike. When you get to Saturday (assuming we can get your bail organized by then) you might want to try Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture. Make sure you use a copy with the full cannonade. I use it occasionally to “rock da park” across the street with my 750 Watt system. 🙂

    • Ah yes. The 1812 Overture is my favorite. Growing up in Washington, DC, I had the chance to attend the US Army bands annual July 4th concert that featured the complete 1812 Overture accompanied by actual 105 MM Howitzers. Wow, what a rush…It was so loud that the FAA would change the flight pattern into and out of Reagan National Airport to avoid scaring the dookie out of airline passengers.

  2. Someway along the line we have forgotten the one rule to decent living.

    Yep, the Golden Rule.


    Karma may not be a real thing, but it happens anyways.

  3. Did that years ago at a house I lived in near a college. The neighbors, college kids, had the tunes cranked so loud the house was shaking. I opened all the windows and cranked classical music as loud as it would go. When the police came, they laughed, told me that the college kids conceded and I could turn it down now.

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