3 thoughts on “Poke-A-Puppy”

  1. Back when my sister’s children were very young I had called her on the phone about something. If you have young kids, you know that they always come running whenever you are on the phone, and keep interrupting you. So as normal for the time, every other sentence out of my sister’s mouth was directed at the kids hovering around her.

    At one point, I overheard her say, in a completed calm and rational manner “Chelsea. Do NOT stick your finger in the part of the dog.”.

    I just fell on the floor laughing.

  2. It’s all fun and games until the dog bites the kid and is dead by injection the very next day–through absolutely no fault of his own.

    I have a great sense of humor (and this made me smile), but I do cringe when I see this stuff.

    We’d have a lot fewer children needing reconstructive surgery and a lot more dogs getting to keep their homes if people would pay attention. Dogs will put up with a LOT from us, but they draw the line somewhere usually, and your kid’s face ain’t worth the risk.

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