10 thoughts on “How to take the garbage out like a Canadian”

  1. Last winter I ran outside to start my car early one morning without a jacket, in temps around -15F or -20F… I was wearing jeans and a buttoned shirt, and I decided then that I didn’t ever need to do that ever again.

    If this video was really -32F, that is really, really, really cold.

  2. Awww, you get used to it. It’s like your temps and humidity. I’d croak in that. We get used to the cold and wear clothing (usually) accordingly. I just love it when this guy hides behind the garbage bin when the car goes by. LMAO!

    • Yeah, that was the funniest part. Don’t want your neighbors to see how crazy you are but your family shoots video and posts it on the internet for everyone to see.

      • Exactly! Reminds me of the kids on the street playing hockey or basketball or whatever and yelling “CAR”. I think this guy thought that the snowbanks were hiding him and the Smith’s down the road are wondering what the hell that weird neighbour thought he was trying to hide. And then the wife posts the video. Too damn Funny.

  3. lol – the best part about this video is when I hit play, the advertisement that popped up over it was for getting the flu shot.

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